Tuesday, June 9, 2015

West Street School Open House

In April, we had the open house for West Street School, which ends up being like mini art show for me.

Here's some close-ups of the work that was on display.

The 3rd graders created Big Mouth Creatures out of clay. They sculpted a pinch pot and turned it on its side, then sculpted different pieces to turn the pinch pots into creatures and learned how to score and slip to attach pieces.

The 2nd graders created paper weavings out of one warm color paper and one cool color paper. They used watercolors to paint their warm and cool color papers.

The 1st graders learned about self-portraits. They drew a self-portrait and then we used liquid watercolors to blow paint the hair. Students had a lot of fun creating their Crazy Hair Self-Portraits.

The kindergarteners learned about making prints. They made colorful prints using different potato mashers.

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