Monday, June 22, 2015

Self-Portraits and Tiles (lots of pictures)

Here's the Chuck Close Inspired Self-Portraits I promised. The 5th graders at East Meadow learned about Chuck Close and how he creates portraits and self-portraits out of smaller shapes/colors/designs. For their self-portraits I took a photo of them. They then traced all the lines of their photo to turn themselves into a line drawing. Next they traced their line drawing onto a new piece of paper and went over their pencil marks in Sharpie. Once they were done with that, students gridded out their paper into 1"x1" squares and filled in each square with 8-10 different shapes/designs. Lastly, they colored in their shapes/designs using two colors for each section, ie: hair, skin, background, clothes.

With the 7th and 8th graders, I saw a different group each quarter. One of the projects that wasn't on display at Arts Night was the clay tiles. I wanted to share some of the tiles from this past school year. Students looked at both the North and East set of baptistry doors on the Florence Baptistry by Lorenzo Ghiberti. We discussed relief sculpture. Students also looked at Illuminated Manuscripts from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. They then created a relief tile using an initial.

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