Monday, April 6, 2015

More Fall and Winter Projects (again sorry they are late)

The fourth graders at East Meadow created their own Costa Rican Ox Carts. We talked about Costa Rica and the importance of the ox carts and how they have become a national art symbol. They also incorporated the use of radial design into the wheels of the ox carts.

The fifth graders worked on creating their own Aboriginal Art Work based on traditional aboriginal art of Australia. We discussed the use of the dots and how each piece of art tells some sort of story, whether it is something that happened or a story passed down through generations. The students told a story/memory that happened to themselves. If they could, they used traditional symbols and if needed made up their own symbols to tell their story.

The sixth graders learned about the Kuna people of Panama. We looked at and discussed the Molas made and worn by the women. Students created their own paper molas working from top layer to bottom layer the way the Kuna women make their molas.

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