Sunday, September 20, 2015

Start of a New Year

Tomorrow is the first day of the 2015-1016 school year for me. I have been on maternity leave for the first three weeks of school. I'm excited to be getting back to my "kids" and meeting the new students. I have some new projects planned for this year since I have a little bit longer class periods. Another change for me this year, besides slightly longer class periods, is I will only be teaching K-6 art at West Street School and East Meadow School.

This blog will be updated at least once a month with pictures, lessons, events, etc. I have updated my class expectations to reflect the grades I'm teaching this year and I will be adding the school wide "RAMS" expectations to that page as well. I also have added an event page for art related events in and out of the classroom.

Even though I have been on maternity leave, the students have been working hard. Kindergartners created a resist out of different kinds of line. First Graders created Imaginary Insects using lines and shapes. Second Graders created drawing of overlapping shapes and filled in the spaces with different kinds of patterns. Third Graders created contour line leaf drawings. Fourth Graders created compositions using line, shape, and a three color scheme. Fifth Graders learned about artist Paul Klee and created a drawing using a multiplication problem. Sixth Graders created an abstract artwork out of their name and two colors plus black.

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