Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First Projects of the Year

I've updated the class expectations page to include the district wide "RAMS" rubric. All classes have started new projects. At East Meadow, fourth and sixth grade are working with color and fifth grade is creating art inspired by Aboriginal Art. At West Street, kindergarten is finishing up overlapping shapes and will be starting an observation drawing of Indian Corn, first grade is creating soft sculpture pumpkins, second grade is finishing their scribble drawings and getting ready to start their fall still lifes of pumpkins and gourds, and third grade is working on "haunted houses." We looked at and discussed Victorian architecture and are now drawing our own Victorian houses.

Here's some pictures of work the students were creating while I was on maternity leave.

Kindergarten learned about lines and created a line resist using oil pastels and watercolor paints.
Second graders created drawings out of shapes and patterns using markers and crayons. Each section should have a different pattern.
The sixth graders learned about abstract art and how sometimes it is about the process of making it and how some pieces have more meaning than they realize. First they drew their names in block/bubble letters, then they cut it up into 3"x3" squares, mixed them up and glued them onto a new piece of paper, and finally colored their drawings using only two colors.

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