Monday, July 6, 2015

East Meadow School End of the Year Projects (lots of pictures again)

The 6th graders at East Meadow sculpted Slab Cakes. We looked at the work of Wayne Thiebaud and used work as inspiration for our 3-D ceramic cakes. Students learned about slab construction to build their cakes.
The 5th graders had very few classes left and I wanted the students to be able to do a clay project. We made clay bells. The sculpting was done in one class period because the bells needed time to dry and be bisque fired.  The bell part was made out of a pinch pot, which was a review of skills they have previously learned. The handles were sculpted from small balls of clay. Even with the time constraint, students did an excellent job.
The 4th graders learned about Gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish printing. They used rubber fish models to print and then created backgrounds by printing bubble wrap and using construction paper to create  different elements. All of which were used to create a collage for the finished project.

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