Tuesday, March 22, 2016

East Meadow Update

These are the projects that were right before Square 1 Art was started. Lots of pictures in this post again!

The fourth graders created Mandalas. We talked a little about mandalas and how they have been a symbol in many cultures and religions for many, many years. We even discussed how some religions create mandalas out of sand. Students learned about radial symmetry and created a design based on radial symmetry. After designing the mandalas, students glued sand onto three different elements in their mandala. Lastly, the mandalas were painted with colors of their own choosing.
The fifth graders created their own editions of five relief prints. Students learned about relief printmaking and craved their own blocks. Students could create whatever they wanted as long as they incorporated three types of line. Sorry about the cropping of some of the pictures, I had to crop out last names as best as I could.
The sixth graders learned about M.C. Esher and tessellations. Each student started with a 3"x3" square that they then altered using the method of translation, reflection, or rotation around a vertex. After creating their new shape, they tessellated it over a 12"x18" paper. Lastly, each new shape had details added to make it look like what they saw in their shape and colored with color sticks.

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