Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fall Projects (a lot of pictures)

In Kindergarten, we looked at Indian Corn and did our best to draw it from observation using black pastel and adding color with color sticks.

The first graders made soft sculpture pumpkins. They cut and painted two pumpkin sides, learned how to sew the two sides together, and then stuff the pumpkins with newspaper so they were three-dimensional.
 Second graders learned about artist Joan Miro. We discussed how he started his paintings with doodles or scribbles and would then go from there. First students scribbled on their paper with pencil and then painted with watercolors what they saw in their scribbles.
Third graders looked at the painting, "House by the Railrod" by Edward Hopper. They had small group discussions about the mood of the painting. Students also looked at and discussed Victorian Architecture. They painted backgrounds in cool colors and then drew houses with characteristics of Victorian Architecture using white pastel on black paper. 
Fourth graders learned about color theory. They learned how to mix secondary and tertiary colors from primary colors. They picked a symbol to represent themselves and then divided it into 12 sections, one section for each color on the color wheel. Then they painted their symbol with the 12 colors using only the primary colors to get all 12 colors.
Fifth graders learned about Aboriginal Art and how the artwork would tell a dream or act as a way to communicate with the "dreamtime." Students picked a memory to tell using only symbols. If they could, they used Aborigianls symbols and then created their own symbols. Students filled their artwork using dots and patterns like traditional Aboriginal Art.
Sixth graders learned about shades, tints, monochromatic, and value. For their Night Silhouettes, they created value scales for the background, going from white to black using only one color. Their value scales were made to look like the moon shining at night. Once the background was painted, they added a silhouette.

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