Thursday, October 16, 2014

Big Update - Lots of Photos

Last time I posted I talked about the first day of school, one day hand project at West Street. Here's what the completed bulletin board looked like.

I also mentioned that all grades at West Street were working on projects that had to do with line. The third graders completed a project where they did contour line drawings of leaves using oil pastels and then exaggerated the outlines to fill up the whole 12"x18" paper. Here's some student examples. Sorry for the glare, they were already hanging up behind the plexiglass.

The 2nd graders looked at the work of Joan Miro and as a group discussed his process of doodling on the canvas before painting. We also looked for what could be in the lines and shapes. Next they scribbled on paper and looked to see what was in their scribbles. After figuring out what was in the scribbles, the students used watercolor paints to paint what they saw in their own scribble. Here's some student in progress photos and some completed ones.

The students at East Meadow have just finished their color projects, so I will be posting those soon.

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