Sunday, August 24, 2014

A New Beginning!

With the new school year only days away, I wanted to do something I have been meaning to do for awhile now. So here it is, my brand new blog! I want my blog to be a way for me to share lessons, artwork, my classrooms, how the year is going, upcoming events, etc with colleagues (near and far), parents, and anyone else interested in what is happening in K-8 art in Granby, MA.

I have three classrooms that I have had to prepare for the upcoming school year. My K-3 school (West Street School) and my 4-6 school (East Meadow School) rooms were pretty much set, just putting things back out and unpacking the incoming supply orders. However, at the Jr/Sr High School where I teach 7th and 8th grade art, I had much more set up. For the last five years, I have shared the high school art room and taught during the high school art teacher's prep. This year, the Jr/Sr High School has a new schedule and we will be teaching at the same time. I will be sharing a room with one of the Wellness teachers. The space is large and has sinks and even stoves! It's the old home economics room. The Wellness teacher has been very gracious and has cleaned out two closets and some drawers for me. Still have more set up to do there, but am staying positive that everything will fall into place for when the students come back Thursday.

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